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About the Kodàly approach

The Kodály approach is holistic and accessible, for teachers who are passionate about helping all their students become resilient learners and lifelong musicians.

When music is taught or learned using Kodály’s approach, skills vital to advanced music making such as “inner hearing”, rhythmic co-ordination and harmonic hearing are strongly developed at an early stage.

In a well researched pedagogical sequence, within a framework of folk songs and singing games, students learn through doing, playing and singing. Musical elements are experienced before being named and once learned are practised, and thoroughly understood before new elements are added.

Music making is at the centre, and classes are joyful, stimulating and fun.


Musicians trained through the Kodály approach have skills that are the envy of many. Excellent aural skills, with the ability to read, write and create with ease. Musicianship that is solid and reliable, transferring easily to any instrument. Once you experience children trained through this approach, you will see what is actually possible, and it is unlikely you will ever look back!

Teachers trained in the Kodály approach are challenged to continually improve their own musicianship and teaching practise. They develop skills in long and short term planning with learners at the centre.

One of the most exciting parts of embarking on this journey is the opportunity to develop your own musicianship. The course meets the needs of beginner to advanced musicians.

The training is rigorous yet completely non competitive. Teacher training is joyful, challenging, liberating, musical, fun and deeply transformative.

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