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About us

The Muse is a charitable trust, based in Ōtautahi, Aotearoa (Christchurch, New Zealand). Run mostly by volunteers with contracted tutors and some contracted support staff, we welcome involvement at every level.

What we do

The Muse hosts classes, choirs and ongoing music groups covering a wide range of musical styles. We are also the people behind the Random Acts of Music project.

We also provide a library of instruments and teaching resources, mentoring for emerging music teachers and networking to help people find each other (ie. learners and teachers, singers and guitarists, etc)

People dancing, learning African dance at The Muse

Our Philosophy

A Question of talent?

We believe music belongs to everyone.

It is lack of opportunity that divides 'musicians' from 'non-musicians'.


In some cultures there is no word or concept for 'song'. Singing is embedded in all daily activities and is seen as an integral part of each task

Tone deaf?

A person who is tone deaf is unable to hear differences in pitch. This person would speak in a monotone voice like a robot.


People learn to vocally reproduce pitch at various ages. Adults who miss this opportunity as children can learn to 'pitch match' at any stage of life. Many people were told when they were younger that they are 'tone deaf'. This is nonsense!


We run courses for people who think they can't sing.

See Reclaim Your Voice for more info

Holistic Learning

"I can read music, but I can't improvise."

"I can learn by ear, but I can't read music."


These feelings of limitation are far too common.


The Muse aims to help musicians fill the gaps in their musical development, while training teachers so that music learning becomes more holistic, inclusive, effective and engaging.

We also have a big project to embed well trained musicians in schools, to raise a generation with easy access to music making.

Excellence Without Competition

We believe music is an art-form, and promote alternatives to competition as ways for people to showcase their talent.


We aim to help each individual to strive for their personal best, to be inspired by rather than judged against the achievements of others.


The Muse provides musical initiatives to people of all ages and ability.


  • Excellence without competition

  • Cross cultural understanding and interaction

  • Innovative, holistic and nurturing learning experiences

  • Professional development in community music

  • Inspiring creativity in individuals

We aim to:

  • Provide music resources to individuals, cultural and  community groups

  • Organise workshops, classes, festivals and concerts

  • Support and train community music educators

  • Liaise with other musical organisations

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