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"The depth of pedagogy shown in this course was extraordinary. The clarity and simplicity of the structure, teaching all students to understand complex musical forms, was mind-blowing. If you have the opportunity to attend this course or are thinking about it, make the time. Training a generation of children in this way could have a significant impact on students’ learning in all subjects. It has refreshed my understanding of good teaching practices, and I am excited to see my students flourish musically this year. "

Rachel Young, Secondary Teacher, Baradene College.

Training Programme 2024

In 2024, The Muse will be offering several opportunities for teacher training and development.

January 15 - 19: In person
@ Chisnallwood Intermediate School, Ōtautahi
The Muse Summer School

A five day overview into the Kodály approach, for Primary and Secondary teachers, with community and choir leader part time options.

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February - December, 2024: Online

Developing Teaching Practice.
In pursuit of excellence, becoming the best teachers we can be, with mentorship from Maree Henessey and Rosalie Scott.


This will be open to those attending the 2024 summer school, as well as those who have already completed Kodály level trainings. 

A Break Down of the Teacher Training


Teacher Training includes musicianship, choir and conducting and:


Methodology: the application of Kodály’s principles to the development of classroom and studio teaching programs. It includes the study of:

  • Curriculum development

  • Teaching techniques

  • Sequencing learning

  • Lesson planning

  • Assessment.


Teaching techniques: is the practical application of teaching strategies covered in Methodology.

  • In this module participants lead lesson segments for their peers and receive feedback from tutors to improve their teaching.


Cultural materials: involves learning, collecting and analysing the folk music of Aotearoa and other nations to determine its suitability for pedagogical processes outlined in methodology and its ability to support a developmental music programme.

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