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participants at the Summer School, learning to teach children music

The Muse Summer School
January 15 - 19, 2024

@ Chisnallwood Intermediate School
76 Breezes Rd. Avondale Ōtautahi

Five days of exciting music making and learning, for educators and the general public,

inspired by the Kodály approach to music making and learning.

Fun - Inclusive - Something for everyone
A Kodály teacher training course with Maree Henessey

Music Teachers

Empower your students to become skilled, confident, literate, and creative music makers while developing your musicianship, singing and conducting skills.

Members of the Open Song Choir at The Muse

Choir Leaders

Get the best possible results from your choirs while developing your own musicianship.



Develop your singing skills,  literacy, understanding and musicianship.

Beginners to advanced.

The Summer School Includes

9.30am - 12.00pm

Kodály Teacher Training 

For classroom, music and studio teachers. 

Understanding the Kodaly approach:

  • Curriculum development

  • Teaching techniques

  • Sequencing learning

  • Lesson planning and assessment

  • Materials, games and songs.


Materials and strategies for teaching children throughout their primary school years.


Materials and strategies for teaching beginners through to upper secondary.

Kodály Teacher Training at The Muse

12.45pm - 2.00pm


Holistic development for choir leaders, aspiring choir leaders and music teachers.

Beginner Conducting

Maree Henessey

Foundation conducting skills. Developing self awareness as a conductor, keeping time, basic cues and cut offs.

Intermediate to advanced

Andrew Withington

Beyond the basics. How to get the best possible results from our choirs.


2.00pm - 3.30pm



Maree Henessey

A sequential approach to learning to read, write and understand music, through games, songs and joyful music making. Suitable for people with no formal music training.

Intermediate to advanced

Rosalie Scott

For those with strong music literacy:- An opportunity to develop and deepen aural and musicianship skills. Fun, playful and challenging.

3.45pm - 5.00pm


Rosalie Scott.

All participants come together at the end of each day for warm ups, games, vocal development and community singing. An opportunity to develop vocal and musicianship skills and sing for the joy of it under the leadership of our expert and inclusive choir leader, Rosalie Scott.


6.00pm - 7.30pm

@ Six Series
more info below

Tuesday, 16th January

Jazz and Improvisation
with Loren Easterbrook

Wednesday, 17th January

Fine tuning our singing
with Andrew Withington

Thursday, 18th January

Scottish Country Dancing
with Erica Hastie

Friday, 19th January (6.30pm)

Show & Tell/Concert
with all of us!

Each evening is a stand alone event, open to the public, and included for attendees.

Inspiring International and Local Tutors

Maree Henessey
Maree Hennessy (U.S.A.)

is an internationally recognised leader, teacher, professional development facilitator and mentor in Kodály-inspired practice. Her career spans from music teacher in regional Queensland to Director of the renowned Kodály Center at Holy Names University.

Maree has extensive experience in music education across sectors and age groups – early childhood, school, university and community settings in state, independent and Catholic school systems.


Maree has developed extensive experience in teaching and learning in multi-level and mixed ability contexts, through her many years of teaching in rural and urban contexts.

Rosalie Scott
Rosalie Scott (W.A.)

is a classroom music teacher, choral director, and voice teacher, with over sixteen years’ experience teaching students from three years of age through to adults.
Winner of the 2022 Award for Excellence in Australian Kodály-inspired Music Education for Innovation and the 2022 Artgold Award for Contribution to Music, Rosalie is nationally recognised for her expertise. Her choral experience is extensive and varied having directed large class, year-level and multi-year level choirs in both secondary school and primary school settings, as well as vocal ensembles and community choral groups of all ages. Rosalie is currently the Children’s Chorus Director for the West Australian Opera in the Goldfields.

Andrew Withington
Andrew Withington (N.Z.)

has a PhD in Choral Pedagogy and a Masters in Choral Conducting Performance with First Class Honours. During his doctoral studies he created an approach to improve tuning in choirs. This approach was published in the American Choral Directors’ Association’s Choral Journal. Andrew has recently returned from the United States where he was Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Choral Activities and Voice Area Head at Westminster College. In 2020, he was voted “Professor of the Year” at the College. As a university professor, he has taught choirs; and courses in conducting, choral literature, diction, vocal pedagogy, voice, and teacher education. For 10 years, Andrew was Artistic Director of the prestigious New Zealand Secondary Students’ Choir. He is a registered teacher, and is currently freelancing as a conductor, choral consultant, teacher educator and mentor for beginning teachers.


Teacher Training



9.30am - 5pm

(includes free entrance to after dinner series)


Teaching practice, conducting, musicianship and choir. 

Successful completion of this course gives access to our 2024 mentorship programme.

Participants may arrange to pay their fee over several months.

Scholarships available for new graduates, and culture holders.

Choir Leading



12.45pm - 5pm

(includes free entrance to after dinner series)

Conducting, musicianship and choir.


Please note: We recommend Choir leaders attend full programme from 9.30am.

Participants may arrange to pay their fee over several months.

Community Music Participants



2.00pm - 5pm


(includes free entrance to after dinner series)


Includes musicianship and choir.


Community Stream participants are also welcome to attend conducting as singers/observers.

Participants may arrange to pay their fee over several months.

@ Six Series 6.00pm - 7.30pm
@ Chisnallwood Intermediate School
76 Breezes Rd. Avondale Ōtautahi


Cost (Tuesday - Thursday) $20.00
(free for summer school participants in all streams)
Friday concert is by koha


Each evening is a stand alone experience. You can just turn up, but bookings help us with our planning.

Tuesday, 16th of January, 6.00pm - 7.30pm

JAZZ AND IMPROVISATION - with Loren Easterbrook
$20.00  book here

How can the tools of the Kodály approach be used to teach jazz and improvisation for any age? Games, singing, and improv ideas from Primary to Tertiary education.

Loren Easterbrook is a singer, composer, and arranger with a passion for making music accessible to all people. She has a Bachelor of Musical Arts in Jazz Composition and a Masters in Primary Teaching and is completing her Australian Kodaly certification this year. Loren has been teaching music for over a decade and currently works as a music specialist at Medbury School.


Wednesday, 17th of January, 6.00pm - 7.30pm

IN TUNE SINGING - with Andrew Withington
$20.00 book here

How do we fine tune our singing? Is it possible to sing in tune when accompanied by a piano or guitar? In this session, Andrew will provide tips and listening tools to help singers improve their ability to consistently sing in tune.  For example, some notes that we sing need to be slightly sharper than the equivalent note on the piano. This session will be of interest to singers of all levels, teachers and choir leaders. Andrew's Phd thesis explored these questions at length and we are delighted that he will provide a hands on opportunity for us to experience his findings.

Thursday, 18th of January, 6.00pm - 7.30pm
Scottish Country Dancing - with Erica Hastie
book here

Learn the steps to some popular Scottish traditional dances with experienced ‘ceilidh caller’, Erica Hastie. Absolutely no prior knowledge required, just a willingness to give it a go and have fun! Bring a water bottle and comfortable shoes! 

Erica Hastie, grew up in Scotland, surrounded in classical and traditional music. She is a primary trained teacher, who teaches music to children in Queenstown/Wanaka area. She is a skilled and passionate violin player, was leader of her regional string orchestra and a member of the Edinburgh Highland Reel & Strathspey Fiddle Orchestra before moving to New Zealand where she continues to train in the Kodály approach, as well as jamming at local Irish/Scottish sessions. Folk dance is a strong component of the Kodály approach, and we are excited Erica can lead us in this fun, inclusive event.

Friday, 19th of January, 6.30pm - 7.30pm
koha book here

Join us for an insight into what we have been learning, including a brief choral concert, demonstrations from each class and words of wisdom from our tutors.

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